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Organizational structure

Lex International (LI) is structured according to the international standards for NGO's. Lex International functions as a non-membership organization. We will introduce you, briefly, to the organizational scheme of LI in which you will be able to find your position in organization.

A. Organizational schematic of steering part

On the following picture you can see the organizational structure of the steering part. Vertical lines transfer parts of competence from the higher level bodies to lower level ones. Messages with binding importance for lower level bodies are communicated through vertical lines. Horizontal lines connect advisory bodies to bodies with decision making capabilities for their level. Advisory bodies do not make decisions, they just offer advice to decision makers.

The Statute (Point VI - bodies of representation) and Rules for member election and functioning of the Steering board define relations within governing bodies and between governing and executive bodies.

B. Organizational schematic of executive part

Organizational schematic of executive part shows connecting lines and hierarchy that are under competence of Executive director. On the following picture you can see organizational schematic of executive part of LI.

Regional offices - officers are hired as needed


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